Metatrader 4 Forex Trading Platform


Convenience redefined for IBs and Traders using Swiss Capital MetaTrader 4. Come enjoy a raft of unmatched benefits:

  • Professional Consultancy and Pointers
  • Elastic and secure trading
  • Elegant analytical tools
  • Go mobile on Android and iOS devices
  • Holistic Charting Package
Swiss Capital


Swiss Capital MT4 is designed to enable self-traders to instantly operate and make real time analysis of trade operations. Come enjoy the trade-centered features including executing technologies, charting technologies, analytical and technical tools and indicators, customization tools and scripts among others.

  • High flexibility and trading security

    With metatrader, you are free to create your own trading world. The tool has more than 30 language functionalities which increases the utility thereof. The data exchanges across metatrader are all highly secured by 128-bit security encryption to ensure that you are susceptible to any loss due to insecurity of data.

    High flexibility and trading security
  • Professional Consultancy and Pointers

    Tools for professional consultative advisory as well as indicative pointers will electrify your trading. Enjoy a multiple number of in-built pointers numbering more than 50 to enhance the automation and customization of your trading activities. Easily analyze trends, customize trade reporting and indicators, make trade forecasts to inform strategic trading decisions. Utilize the MQL4 Code Base for free to develop your customized trading approaches.

    Professional Consultancy and Pointers
  • Elegant analytical tools

    A total of 9 timeframes are at your disposal providing you with detailed quote dynamics analysis for each and every financial instruments. Power up your financial trading analysis by developing charts based on determined trends, analysing different shapes and applying certain analytical objects one over the other to make objective decisions regarding trade entries and exits.

    Elegant analytical tools
  • Mobile trading on Android and iOS

    Metatrader is iOS and Android friendly just for your convenience and everyday trading needs. All computer-based functionalities are accessible via mobile making your trading experience and practice unencumbered. Stay up to date with your trading activities with this great tool today.

    Mobile trading on Android and iOS